For all plant support questions, we ask our growers to please answer the following questions:

  1. Pictures of your plant. Please take pictures with the photo mode enabled (Hold the button on the back of the unit down for 2-3 seconds then release for photo mode to activate) and upload them to your GROW JOURNAL in the Grobo App. That way, they won't get lost in transit.
  2. A picture of your plant's roots. Simply lift the lid a couple of inches, snap a picture of the bottom of your coco pod, and upload it to your grow journal.
  3. A picture of your plant's stem. Simply lift the bottom canopy to reveal where the stem meets the coco pod, snap a picture, and upload it to your grow journal.
  4. A picture of your nutrient bottles. Turn them sideways so the label doesn't block the shot.
  5. Have you checked your bubbler? Is it producing bubbles inside your reservoir?
  6. What type of water are you using? RO, distilled, tap, other?
  7. Have you made any modifications to the unit or environment? (i.e. Add a chiller to your tank, humidifier to the room)
  8. Have you added any supplements to the reservoir? (i.e. Hydroguard to fight root rot) If yes, how much in ML?
  9. Have you adjusted your schedule at all? (i.e. Shifted a stage, adding more time to a stage)
  10. Have you cleaned and calibrated your pH probe between grows? If this is a new unit, it will arrive calibrated. If not, a calibration in between grows is necessary to maintain your probe's accuracy.

Once you have answered the following questions and have the pictures in your grow journal. Send an email to with the details. 

We would be happy to help!