In your Grobo Solid/Premium unit, there is a Wi-Fi antenna installed on the top circuit board.

Why would I ever need to check my Wi-Fi antenna? 

  • Wi-Fi is unstable 
  • Wi-Fi reporting lower than anticipated
  • Router and/or Extender close to Grobo and still reporting low Wi-Fi connectivity

To check your Wi-Fi connectivity - Grobo App> Settings> About my Grobo

Sometimes this can come loose in shipping or moving the unit around. To check to see if the Wi-Fi antenna is seated properly, see the attached "Wi-Fi Antenna Installation Guide". We want to gently pop off the Wi-Fi antenna connection site and re-seat it properly on the board.

From here, please attempt to reconnect or check your Wi-Fi strength to see if it increased. 

If you do not have a Wi-Fi antenna on your unit, please reach out to us at