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Are you ready to start Harvesting? To get that next seed started you'll need to CleanCalibrate too!

We've brought all our resources together for you. 

Whether you learn by reading blogs or watching videos - we've got you! 




Whether this is your first grow or your 420th - this is the moment you've been waiting for.  Harvesting means that sampling your homegrown is just around the corner! 

We've got a little work before getting there...

Let's get started with the most important question: 

How do you know you're ready? 

  • Your trichomes should be 40% cloudy. You'll need THIS microscope to get a closer look! 
  • What are your trichome colors telling you? This article will help you determine when is best to start harvesting
  • Check out THIS blog on the subject of harvesting at the right time!
  • Ready to see some great examples of trichomes on street weed VS Grobo grown weed? Check out THIS video. 
  • You may want to grab Grobo Fresh to help with your strain's smell during harvest! 

Next up, how do you harvest? 


Want to make cannabis oil? 

We love our growers so here are some videos that are a great start for making those special cookies that are a hit with your friends. 

  • Isopropyl Extraction - VIDEO
  • Ethanol Extraction - VIDEO
  • Chlorophyll Smoothie VIDEO - Use those fan leaves!



Time to get down and dirty, grab some gloves! Let's clean up that Grobo for your next seed. She will want a new, clean home to thrive in! 

  • Cleaning your Grobo - The Fundamentals. This article covers sanitization, sterilization, and the Grobo App "Clean Mode" recipe - How do I clean my Grobo?
    Clean your pH probe and EC probe with THIS kit. 

Pro Tip: Don't forget to take care of your pH probe by putting the cap on or keeping it in some tap water while your unit is not being used.



Let's put those calibration solutions to good use! Keeping your pH and EC probe cleaned and calibrated is one of the most important steps to take for the health of your plants. 

  • pH probe - Clean between grows. Calibrate between every grow.  
  • Click HERE to read about how to calibrate your pH probe. HERE is a video of the process. 
  • pH probes need to be replaced annually. Click HERE to see a list of how to care for your pH probe through its lifetime.
  • Click HERE to see a video on how to replace your pH probe. 
  • EC probe - Clean between grows. Calibrate yearly. Click HERE to see how to calibrate your EC probe. 
  • EC probes should not require replacement unless damaged. 

Once you've successfully calibrated your pH probe, you are all set to plant your next seed in your Grobo. Happy growing!


Still, have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us. 



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