Taking care of your pH probe leads to happy and healthy plants!

Here is how to care for your pH probe:

  1. Calibrate and Clean In Between Grows - Your pH probe must be calibrated in between grows to ensure it can operate within recipe range. Click HERE for calibration best practices and written instructions. See HERE for a video of this process.
  2. Keep it Submerged - Make sure it is always submerged in water. If have an empty reservoir for more than 24 hours, ensure you keep it in the cap it comes with that's filled with solution or tap water. If you find your pH probe has been dry for more than 24 hours, you'll have to purchase a new one. 
  3. Store it Correctly - If you’ve lost the liquid that comes in the cap, you can use KCI storage solution or tap water in a pinch to keep it wet.

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.