Before you start troubleshooting, it's very important you do the following: 

  • To keep your plant alive during this interruption, take your lid (with the plant inside) out of your unit to air out the roots for 20-30 minutes every 6 hours. That way, it will be able to breathe. This is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your plant going. Not conducting this action may kill the grow.
  • Take a cup and manually lower your Grobo's reservoir volume by 10%. This will give your plant roots some air time when it's back inside the Grobo, allowing for it to receive oxygen.

Next, to be able to confirm what's happening, please conduct the following troubleshooting checks:

  1. If you open the hatch on the back of the unit and look to the left, you will see a small black box. This is your air pump. If you put your finger on it, is it running/vibrating at all?
  2. In your tank you can unplug the air tube from the airstone. Are you seeing any bubbles from the tube when it is submerged underwater? Do you feel any air coming out of it when you hold it out of water?

If both of your answers to the above questions are NO, it may be that you have a loose connection. You can test this by using instructions provided by Grobo Support. Contact them HERE to obtain them.

If you have an external air pump on hand, you can attach it to the black box after plugging it into an outlet to get some bubbles in your reservoir while waiting to hear back from Grobo Support. These pumps are often readily available at pet stores. 

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.