Want to add more time for vegetative growth? 

Applying horticultural techniques and need to give your plant some time to bounce back? 

Need more time for bud and trichome development in flower? 


We've got your back. The SHIFT SCHEDULE function is here to get you fixed up.


Check out our video HERE to have Stephen, our Horticulturalist, show you how to use the shift schedule function in the app and why it is so important! 

Does it matter if I have an Auto or a Photoperiod seed? 

Yes, it does matter. Auto recipes in Grobo have 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 

We do not recommend extending Auto recipe schedules - excluding the flower stage. Flower keeps the nutrient level high to keep the buds developing. Autos grow on their own schedule and are not dependent on light.

Additionally, we don't suggest applying horticultural techniques as they don't spend time recovering - just do some light pruning, that is all autos can handle!

Here are some great articles on seed selection and photoperiod VS autos: 

How do I select a seed?

Should I grow an autoflowering or photoperiod-dependent seed?

What is the difference between photoperiod and autoflowering recipes?


Adjusting time in Late Vegetation

This tip is specifically for photoperiod plants, exposure to a specific light period is what triggers them to enter their next life cycle phase. This period is 12 hours on 12 hours off.

This means that Grobo keeps growing stages including germination, early vegetation, and late vegetation at 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. When your plant is the height of the second fan and ready for the hormones to flip and start building buds she will need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, this is done in the transition, flower, and flush stages. 


When should I adjust my schedule? 

You are in charge of extending, skipping, and adjusting the length of each stage in your recipe. These actions are a direct response to the growth of your plant. Every plant, seed, or cultivar is different!

Here are some examples of when we suggest making these adjustments: 

  • [Photoperiod] Extend late vegetation when any horticultural techniques (such as topping) are performed on the plant to give her some time to recover.
  • [Photoperiod] Extend late vegetation until your plant has reached the height of the bottom of the second fan in your unit. She will stretch double her size when she gets into transition! 
  • [Photoperiod] Skip to transition from late vegetation if your plant hits the second fan before the 14 days is up. You have a fast grower on your hands! 
  • [Photoperiod & Autos] Extend flower to start bulking up those buds and get the trichomes to the desired colour. 
  • [Photoperiod & Autos] Extend flush until the plant has the correct mixture of trichomes before harvest. The plant does not receive nutrients in this stage and will pillage the plant leaves for food.

Each trichome color representing a slightly different effect - check out this article to learn more:

What are my trichomes colors telling me?


Okay, I'm ready to shift schedule!

Go to Grobo App > Maintenance > Shift Schedule

Previous  - Selecting this will return to your previous stage and add 7 days to your current schedule before it continues to the next stage.

Extend - This will add 7 days of time to your current schedule and the most common shift schedule function used.

Next - This will immediately move you to the first day in the next stage. This would be used to push a plant into transition if she has reached your desired height and you were waiting on her reaching that height in late vegetation. Or this would immediately move you into flush from the flowering stage, so you could drain and fill your unit when your plant is ready to begin your flush cycle.

Shift Schedule Screenshot

Example of an adjusted schedule above.

"Extend" was used four times during late vegetation to add four weeks of extra time for a total of 42 days scheduled. This was due to topping the plant and applying other high-stress training during vegetative growth. 

"Next" was used on day 37/43 in Late Vegetation as the plant had reached the 2nd fan. This moved the schedule into Transition so the plant could start flowering. We did not need to complete the five extra days as she reached the desired height.