Each trichome color represents a different stage in growth and bodily effect upon consumption.

  • Clear. This suggests that the buds are too young and still developing.
  • Translucent. At this point, the cannabinoid production is still ongoing and must not be interrupted. These buds still have around two weeks to produce more resin and fatten up, so be patient.
  • Milky White. The buds are close to optimal ripeness, so this is the time to pay more attention. By now, you will also notice that about half of the pistils have already darkened to an amber-brown color.
  • Cloudy White. Growers who prefer buds with the most THC potency must harvest at this stage.
  • Cloudy White With Some Amber. This short window is when growers can attain flowers with a nice mix of mental and physical high. Most of the trichomes should still be cloudy, but a quarter is already amber. This is the most common time to harvest.
  • Amber. Harvesting during this stage yields buds with a more sedative and couch-locking effect.