When it comes to defoliating and trimming your cannabis plant, we want to trim fan leaves only due to their large size, which can block light penetration to bud sites.

Check out the information below to help you easily identify the two different types of leaves on your cannabis plant! 


Fan Leaves

What are fan leaves?

Fan leaves are the large, primary leaves on a cannabis plant. Fan leaves are filled with flavor, resin, and other phytonutrients.

Grobo - Fan Leaves Example

Why we trim them:

Increase airflow & light penetration

How to identify a fan leaf?

 Fan leaves have a longer stem (1-2cm), are larger than sugar leaves, and have very minimal trichomes

Grobo - Fan Leaf comparison with Sugar Leaf
Left Side: Sugar leaf
Right Side: Fan Leaf

Sugar Leaves

What are sugar leaves?

The title “sugar leaves” comes from the white coating of delicious trichomes they have at the end of the flowering phase.
Grobo - Sugar Leaves Example

How to identify a sugar leaf? 

Sugar leaves can be easily distinguished as they are more hidden in comparison to fan leaves. Most times only their tips are peeking through the bud as shown in the photo above.

Grobo - Sweet Leaves Example

We don't trim sugar leaves

We don't suggest trimming sugar leaves until harvest as they are often covered in trichomes. They can be used along with any smaller bud, larf, and popcorn bud you may have to create butter and oils for your edibles.

Grobo - Sugar Leaf vs Fan Leaf
Here is an example of a cannabis plant close to harvest time. You can clearly see the difference between fan leaves + sugar leaves