Telling the sex of a cannabis plant is a vital skill to ensure you get what you want out of a grow. 

Cannabis plants are "dioecious," a term that means they either have male or female organs. Female plants are what you want to grow if you're interested in having buds (i.e. flowers) develop.

How to Sex a Cannabis Plant

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To determine the sex of your plant, pay attention to the development of its preflowers to identify which type it has (Figure 1). Typically, they will begin to develop within four weeks of the plant's life; however, depending on how quickly it's sprouted, you may have to wait 6 weeks or more before you can confidently tell it's sex.

Fig 1. Here are what female and male pre-flowers look like in Late Vegetation.

Small, round sacs indicate the plant is a male. Two bracts with a hair-like stigma indicate the plant is a female. The hair-like stigma will appear after the two bracts, so you might notice the bracts first.

Then, once the plant is in Flower, their pre-flowers will develop into their full forms.

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