Here is a video of Bjorn and Stephen discussing what you should be looking for in a cannabis seed:

Why start from seed?

Seeds have taproot where clones do not, therefore they will create a better root system than a clone. You also have more variety with selecting seeds from a seed bank with multiple breeders. Clones are not readily available for most areas and are often more limited in strains, which make seeds an optimal choice for growing. 

A clone will save you some time if you put it right into flower, but you won’t have the advantage of starting in a Grobo with max light spectrum. This means it may have large spaces between internodes, preventing you from maximizing your Grobo yield. 

Can I grow from a clone or cutting?

What does a good seed look like?

Mature Seed - Dark 

Immature Seed - Light green, Beige

Always avoid cracked seeds. See pictures of good and bad seeds in this article: What is seed germination? How to pick a seed.

Different seed types

Regular seeds or bag seeds - 50/50 chance of male/female. 

Feminized seeds - Breeders ensure the seed will germinate a female plant, which is what we want!

Auto-flowering - Not dependent on specific lighting. Grobo has their auto recipes on a 18 hour of light, 6 hours of darkness schedule.

What seed should I pick!

A feminized Indica seed is optimal to begin in a Grobo. We recommend sticking to a photoperiod dependent seed. 

Check out our recommended seed companies:

*To see more about availability based on location, click HERE

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Feminized Indica seeds that are photoperiod dependent are awesome in a Grobo. Try out these strains:

  • Strawberry Kush: ILGM (Feminized, Indica dominant)
  • Chocolate Cream:Seedsman (Feminized, Indica dominant)
  • OG Kush:ILGM (Feminized, mostly Indica)
  • Grand Daddy Purple:ILGM (Feminized, Indica dominant)

Learn more about auto-flower and photoperiod seeds: 

Should I grow an auto-flowering or photoperiod-dependent seed?

What is the difference between photoperiod and auto-flowering recipes?

Have a seed without a recipe in the Grobo database?

We update recipes quarterly and have over 3000 currently! 

There is no recipe for the seeds I have

I'm ready to grow!

Step 1: Add Plant to Start Growing

Add Plant to Start Growing - Grobo App

Step 2: Pick a Recipe

Note: We have generic recipes available if you can't find your specific breeder and strain. Just search "generic" and the recipes will come up! 

Recipes Grobo Selection OG Kush White Widow Pineapple Express auto indicia sativa

Happy Growing!

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