Lollipopping cannabis is a type of high-stress training (HST) that involves removing the lower growth, so your plant resembles a lollipop. This helps the plant focus it's energy on the upper bud sites, making for a larger harvest and less popcorn bud.

Lollipop Before and After Grobo Grow Box

  • Applying this technique during the first week of flowering in your Grobo is the most effective.


  • The lower third of the cannabis plant is the "lollipopping zone". This portion receives less light.
  • The light in your Grobo unit penetrates the top 12-18 inches of your plant. 


  • We recommend removing no more than 50% of the lower growth when lollipopping. 
  • This ensures you don't stress out your plant too much. 
  • If this technique is carried out too early, there is a chance the popcorn buds you have removed, will regrow. It's all about finding that perfect medium. 

Popcorn buds are simply small buds the size of popcorn. They are considered lower quality which is why many people remove them so energy isn't wasted on them.



  • Light is essential for the growth of cannabis plants. When the plants are not pruned properly, they don't receive the light they need!  
  • The lower portion of the plant is pruned so that the plant concentrates it's energy into producing  bigger buds on the top. 

  • Some strains and set-ups may not like the use of lollipopping. Auto plants are a great example of this. 
  • Take your time while trimming them, make sure you don't damage the main stem when removing them. 
  • Your plant may get too stressed if you don't account for recovery time.