Our rule of thumb is: If you're hot, your plant is hot. If you're cold, your plant is cold. 

If the room your Grobo is located in has an average temperature that's comfortable for you (i.e. 70-73 degrees Fahrenheit, or, 21-23 degrees Celsius), your plant will be set up for success.

It's important to mention that there are actually TWO temperatures to care about: 

  1. The temperature of the room your Grobo is located in.
  2. The temperature of your Grobo's reservoir (i.e. water in the tank) 

With a cooler reservoir (i.e. 68-69 degrees Fahrenheit, or, 20-21 degrees Celsius) your plant's roots will have the best environment to grow in without the possibility of "root rot" forming. You can read more about this phenomenon HERE

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What's the ideal temperature and humidity for growing?

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