Check out THIS video with our Lead Horticulturalist, Stephen, covering steps for topping, lollipopping and trimming.

This helps maximize your harvest and maintain a healthy growing environment for your plant.

Topics of Interest:

*We've linked each topic timeline in the video below! Click to see. 

1. Topping

Check out this article: What is topping and how do I top my plant?

2. Lollipopping
Check out this article: When should I lollipop my plant? Photos and examples included!

3. Fan Leaf Removal
What is the difference between fan leaves and sugar leaves? Check out this article: Fans Leaves VS Sugar Leaves - What do I trim?

4. Trimming

5. Popcorn bud example



  1. Did you know that your light can only penetrate the first 12-18 inches of your plant's canopy? This is why we love lollipopping your plant and removing fan leaves that are blocking bud sites.
  2. Trimming, topping, or applying any horticultural techniques to your plant?  We suggest doing this in Late Veg to give your plant some time to recover by adding time to your schedule before transitioning.
    How do I use the shift schedule function?
  3. We don't suggest topping Autos, as your plant may not have enough time before it starts to flower. Autos don't recover well from trimming :-(.
    Should I grow an autoflowering or photoperiod-dependent seed?
    How do I select a seed?