If your Grobo has had any the following events, your water level sensors may not be operating within normal parameters and need to be checked:

  1. The reservoir isn't filling when you press 'Fill.'
  2. The reservoir isn't draining when you press 'Drain.'
  3. The light inside your unit is still green after a drain and fill. 

To conduct this check, please follow the steps below:

1. Find your water level sensors

  1. Remove the reservoir lid. If you have a plant growing, you can lay the lid and root system overtop of a bucket. The plant won't be harmed by a bit of air time. 
  2. Generation 1 - Remove the plastic shield inside the reservoir that protects your sensors.
  3. Generation 2 - Carefully lift and pull the plastic shield holding your water level sensors to the left to access them 

2. Check that each sensor can move freely.

  1. Using your hands, give each sensor a gentle move up and down. Be careful not to twist or loosen the sensors.
  2. Look for any roots or sediment build-up that can be cleaned off the sensors 
  3. We want to make sure all three sensors are able to rise and fall freely with the addition/removal of water

 3. Power cycle the unit (i.e. unplug and replug back in) and check if this resolves your issue. 

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.