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Planting A Seed

Getting the coco or peat pod moist, and making sure it remains moist during germination, is one of the most crucial parts of your setup. 

  1. Place the pod in a bucket of water (Reverse Osmosis or Distilled) and get the air out by squeezing the pod underwater with your hand
  2. It should be dripping wet after this - but we don’t want it to remain this wet. Give it a good ½ squeeze to remove some of the excess water  
  3. Place the pod into the white reservoir lid 
  4. Push your seed into the small hole at the top of the coco or peat pod
  5. Tear a small pea-sized corner off of the side of the pod 
  6. Gently cover the hole made for your seed with the piece of pod you've ripped off
  7. Ready set grow :-)

We are trying to get the seed in contact with the pod on all sides to improve germination rates. If you find the pod is drying out, carefully pull the pod out of the cover and put it into the reservoir tank to make sure it stays moist until germination occurs!

What do I do if it dries out?
If your pod dries out, you can pull it out and dip it into your reservoir tank to get it wet again. 

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The first two weeks are important for the life and health of your seed and seedling. Cannabis seeds pop in 12 hours to 14 days. Once the seed casing has absorbed enough water, the shell will split and the seedling will emerge. You will be able to see your root emerge from the bottom of the Coco Pod. You will be able to see it visually by lifting up the lid and peering at the bottom of the pod. 

Two important things to remember;

  1. We want the pod to drip when we lift it if the root is not visible.  Once the roots emerge from the bottom of the pod and is touching the water, your plant will be able to drink
  2. We want the pod to start to dry out after the roots touch the water. If your pod is too wet once your seedling has emerged, you run the risk of ‘damping off’

Damping Off
This is a disease that attacks young seedlings at the spot where the stem and growing medium meet. Your seedling will slow its growth and fall over.

If the root is in the water and your Coco Pod is slowly drying out, you will be fine. The system fills to a different level for those important couple of weeks after the root has found the water.  

Read more about damping off here: Help! I think my plant has damping off


During this time you will see your plant start to take off and grow more and more each day, adding both height and additional leaves.  When your plant reaches 4-7 sets of branches you have the option to top and lollipop it. Check out our Harvesting Cannabis video.

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Keep up the weekly reservoir change, your plant will reward you for it in the end!