Your light settings will change based on the stage your recipe is in. 


Photoperiod Recipe

For stages 1, 2, and 3 (germination, early veg, and late veg) your lights will be on for 20 hours a day. Your young plant will sleep for only 4 hours during these stages.

Once stage 4 (i.e. Transition) begins, the lights will change drastically. You'll now see that your lights are on for 12 hours a day, and the plant sleeps for the other 12. This is the beginning of the flowering stages 4, 5, and 6. This lighting will continue for the remainder of the recipe. 

Auto Recipe

The light will stay on 18 hours and 6 hours of darkness for the duration of your recipe. This is because auto seeds do not 12/12 lighting to flower. 

Check out these articles to learn more about Autos VS Photos.

What is the difference between photoperiod and autoflowering recipes?

Should I grow an autoflowering or photoperiod-dependent seed?

Example of Photoperiod Stages:

This recipe (Figure 1) has 3 vegetative stages and 3 flowering stages. We have just entered the early germination stage, and our plant is 8 days old. It has another month, or 30 days, left to grow before we flip to 12 hours of darkness each day so it starts producing flowers.

Our goal is to have the plant as tall as the second fan on the back wall when it moves into stage 4. If you top or fim your plant, add a week to the stage you conduct these tactics in. This is because it will stress your plant, so it will need time to recover to continue it's growth.

How do I use the shift schedule function?

When should I put my plant into Transition?

Fig 1. This is what a recipe's schedule looks like.

Are you growing a photoperiod seed but on an Auto recipe?

Terminate your current recipe and apply a new recipe that does NOT have the "A" on it. You'll then need to shift your schedule to the correct stage. 

Here are two recipes of the same strain, one is an auto (highlighted in yellow) and the other is a photo period. 

Change from Late Veg to Transition but lights aren't adjusting?

Power cycle your unit to see if this resolves the event (unplug and plug back in). If not, please reach out to support.

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