Here you can learn how to properly engage and disengage the lock of your Grobo's door. 

The door is designed to create a suction seal when closed. A firm push is, therefore, required for you to both close and open the door, as the seal only activates when put under pressure. If you find yourself with a door that's not closing or opening, give the door a firm push in and try then. 

Here are the ways to open your Grobo! 

1. Use the User Button

This is the User Button on the back right side of a Grobo.

  1. Hold the User Button on the back right side of your Grobo for three seconds. Then, the User LED light on the front of the Grobo will turn dark blue.
  2. Push the door in firmly until you hear a 'click.'
  3. Then, open the door.

2. Use the Grobo App

  1. Open the Grobo App
  2. Press the unlock icon on the Grobo App (See photo below)
  3. Push the door in firmly until you hear a 'click.'
  4. Then, open the door.

If the door on your Grobo isn't opening or closing properly, and you've already tried giving it a firm push to break the seal, please check to see if: 

  1. The door's latch is bent, and is not catching the in-chamber lock. You can adjust this using your hands, bending it slightly to catch the lock. 
  2. The in-chamber lock is stuck in the top of the Grobo (i.e. the 'nest,' as we like to call it) and is not descending when it needs to. You can check this if the lock does not descend when you have the door open and the LEDs shift. Use a screwdriver to free the in-chamber lock to correct this.

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.