Even the best seed banks boast an 80-90% germination rate. 

There are a few possible reasons why your seed hasn't germinated yet: 

  1. Different seeds have different germination rates and some won't start growing at all. The latter are called terminator seeds and are not viable. 
  2. Most dark seeds will germinate when given proper conditions. 
  3. Generally, pale-green or white seeds will not germinate. 
  4. On average, you can anticipate about 75% of your seeds will germinate. Ordering seeds from a reputable breeder will increase these rates to 85%+
  5. If you've been regularly watering your seed in the coco or peat pod, you may have ended your seedling's growth due to something called 'damping off.' We do not recommend doing this. Help! I think my plant has damping off

Once the seed casing has absorbed enough water, the shell will split and the seedling will emerge. You will be able to see your root emerge from the bottom of the coco or peat pod. You will be able to see it visually by lifting up the lid and peering at the bottom of the pod. Make sure to check!

Cotyledon - the first set of leaves after germination

Lastly, there are two important things to remember after it's germinated:

  1. If the root is not visible, check to make sure the pod drips when you lift it. Once the root emerges from the bottom of the pod and is touching the water, your plant will be able to drink and grow more quickly.
  2. You want the top of the pod to start to dry out after the roots touch the water. If your coco pod is too wet once your seedling has emerged, you run the risk of ‘damping off’. Push it up a bit once in stage 2 (i.e. Early Vegetation) to help this along.

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