So, you've decided that Grobo is right for you. What's next? 

Good news: Your Grobo will ship with everything you need to start your first grow. That includes the grow box itself, enough nutrients for one grow, a coco pod, and a carbon filter. It does NOT come with any seeds or cuttings. Please make sure to get your own before your Grobo arrives.

As you grow, you might find that additional tools are helpful. 

Here is what we recommend users purchase:

Grobo pH and EC Care Kit - Tools to clean and calibrate your pH probe after each grow. This will keep up your probe health, which will lead to a healthier plant!

  • Reminder: Your pH probe's tip must ALWAYS be submerged in water to ensure it stays viable. Keep the cap you take off during your first startup just in case you ever need to take a grow-break and need to store the unit. Filling the cap with tap water and putting it on the pH probe is best practice for long-term storage.

Grow Kit - An extra set of nutrients (1-5), a coco pod, and a carbon filter. Depending on your strain type, recipe length, and any additional time added to your recipe - you may see more depletion of nutrients. Nothing is worse then running in the last few weeks of flower, so we recommend keeping extras on hand. 

  • Pro Tip: RO or distilled water is recommended. NOT tap water. Your region's tap water may have additives that will cause faster depletion of Bottle 1 and 2, plus the possibility of your plant's health being negatively impacted.

Pruning Shears - Critical for giving your plant a few 'haircuts' as it grows.

Microscope - Get up close and personal with trichomes to know when to harvest.

Support Rack Set - Allows you to easily train your plant as it grows, or, hang your buds in the Grobo once your grow is complete so they can dry.

Please be advised that the Pro Grow Kit already includes shears, a microscope, and support racks together with the same products in the regular Grow Kit. 


Want to up your grow game?

  • Digital Scale - Don't just guess how big your yields are. Know for sure!
  • Magnetic Tool Storage Box - Keep all your tools nicely organized on the side or back of your Grobo for easy access.
  • Grobo Fresh - Additional smell management, save it until the stinkiest time (i.e. when you plant is in flower!)
  • Hydroguard - To help fend off root rot. It's the most useful when applied in Germination or Early Vegetation stages. Please be advised this can be on the pricier side though.
  • Water Chiller - If you don't have access to hydroguard and you expect your environment to be warmer then 25C through the year, we suggest grabbing a water chiller to make sure your plant roots are happy! Click HERE to see what can happen if your water gets too warm. 

Intermediate grower and looking for bigger yields? Check out our Co2 products:
*Learn more at our blog HERE

  • Co2 BottlePlants can photosynthesize faster with higher levels of Co2, which means faster growth and bigger harvests. Our Co2+ TM dispenser is the most efficient method to bring higher levels of Co2 into your Grobo or grow tent, allowing your plants to grow faster than normal.
  • Co2 RefillTo refill the bottle for multiple uses
  • Co2 MeterTo measure the amount of Co2 in your grow chamber
  • Co2 HolderThis product will hold the Co2 bottle in place above your plant inside your Grobo

Want to save time on your next grow? Check out the Grobo Start [only available in the USA & Canada]. Our videos that discuss this product in more detail are available HERE and HERE.


Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.