If Grobo Support asks you to do a health check, this is a check that happens prior to calibration of your pH probe. 

  1. By going to your Grobo App > Maintenance > Calibrate, you will begin by performing a health check
  2. The health check takes place in 7.0 solution and compares the reading the probe is taking to the 7.0 we know the solution sits at
  3. If it is not accurate, it will push you to do a full calibration. This will require 4.0 solution, 7.0 solution and tap water. We suggest grabbing THIS cleaning and calibration kit to get you set up for future calibrations and health checks. [See image below]
  4. If the reading is accurate, it will tell you your probe is healthy and no calibration is needed! Let Grobo Support know so they can verify. 

Not sure where to find the pH probe? It should be sitting in your dosing panel in the water tank. You should have two probes present, one that looks like a castle on the end [Grobo or Blue Labs branding] - this is your pH probe. And another with a loop on the end that looks like you can blow bubbles through, this is your EC probe. 

Want to learn more about calibrating your pH probe? Check out THIS article and video.