If your seed didn’t sprout, or, if you have completed a grow in your Grobo and are ready to start a new grow, you’ve also come to the right place.

Before you start your grow, make sure to end any previous grows. For steps on how to end your grow, check out the article HERE. Now, start your grow by following these steps:

1. Open up the Grobo App on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

  • Login to the Grobo App to access your Grobo unit. If you have multiple Grobo units, make sure that you're on the unit that you want to grow in.

2. Unlock your Grobo.

  • Hold the User Button located at the back of your Grobo for three seconds to disengage the lock to open the door. Push the door in to deactivate the seal, and then it will open.

3. Make sure you have a bucket filled with either RO or distilled water.

  • A bucket that can hold about 10.3 liters of water is optimal for you to fill your Grobo without pausing.

  • Use distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water for your Grobo. These types of water don’t contain impurities or chemicals compared to regular tap water.

4. In the App, click “Add Plant” button on the Grobo App main menu.

  • This will take you to the plant recipe library. Once there, you can choose the recipe for the seed you’re about to grow in your Grobo.

5. Select a plant recipe and press “Grow.”

  • If you cannot find a specific recipe, choose a generic recipe matching it's description (Hybrid, Sativa, Auto, etc.). You can request recipes HERE

6. Confirm the recipe you're about to start.

  • If you confirmed the wrong recipe, you can always end your grow to choose the correct recipe.

7. Remove the reservoir lid.

8. Remove the caps from probes.

  • Make sure to store your caps somewhere safe so you can screw them back on your probes if you don’t plan to grow right away.

9. Install the probes.

  • Place the EC probe on the left, and the pH probe on the right in their designated holder located on the bottom right inside of the water reservoir.

10. Grab the drain/fill hose and place it in the bucket of water

  • Take the drain/fill hose located on the inside left wall and place it into your bucket. Make sure your bucket is placed close to your Grobo and the hose is at the bottom of your bucket.

11. On the App, click “Fill” to start filling your unit.

  • Your Grobo lights will turn green when your Grobo starts to fill, and the lights will turn back to white when filling is complete.

  • If you require multiple buckets of water, you can pause filling by pressing “Pause” on the app.

12. Calibrate your pH probe once the fill is complete.

  • Click HERE to be taken to an article that explains how to calibrate your pH probe correctly. 

13. Install all nutrient bottles.

  • Place the bottles into the holders located at the front of the reservoir, starting with Bottle 1 on the left.

14. Soak your coco pod in water.

  • Soak your coco pod in water for at least 5 minutes. Then, give it a gentle squeeze before planting your seed.

15. Plant your seed in the coco pod.

  • Place your seed into the hole at the top of the coco pod.

  • Tear a small part off the edge of the coco pod, then press the piece down to lid the seed and fill the hole. This ensures that the seed has moisture on all sides.

16. Add the coco pod to the reservoir lid.

  • Make sure your coco pod is flush inside the reservoir's lid.

17. Place the lid back in the reservoir.

And that's it! Your grow has begun. Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.