Your Grobo will be OK for 7 days unattended, but for longer periods of time, you'll need someone present to drain and fill as well as top up the reservoir, if necessary. 

  • What we mean by 'top up' is that, when your plant is in a late growth stage (i.e. Transition or Flower), it requires 1-2 cups of water to be added to the reservoir to maintain an effective water level.
  • The weekly reservoir changes are needed to ‘flush’ the system, allowing for nutrients to be dispensed. 

Give a friend your Grobo App login or have them call you when they are able to come to do the drain and fill! You can direct them and fire off the buttons from anywhere in the world.

If the water level gets below the recommended level, the roots won’t be able to drink and there is a possibility of running into problems with your pH meter. Click HERE to learn about these problems. 

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.