If you are unsure why your unit's LED lights are not on, here are the explanations why.

There are two reasons the LED lights are off:

1. Your Plant Is Sleeping

To check that your lights are supposed to be off, go into 'Settings' and select 'Change Light Settings.' Once there, you can confirm whether your lights are supposed to be off.

If so, not to worry, your Grobo is working properly! Most plants need between 4-12 hours of sleep each day, so, the Grobo automatically turns off the lights to let them relax when scheduled.

2. A Potential Issue

If your lights have not been on for more than 12 hours, then that could indicate something unusual is happening with your Grobo. Please conduct these checks to confirm:

  1. Check that your Grobo is plugged into an outlet that has power. 
  2. Try to power cycle your unit to see if this kicks them back on. Unplug and plug back in the unit [power cycle]. 
  3. Check the Grobo App's home page to confirm that you have a grow going. 
  4. Check the 'Change Light Settings' in Settings to confirm when the lights are supposed to be on. Try shifting them slightly in this menu, as that can resolve light events. 
  5. Check to make sure your unit is not overheating. See HERE for an explanation of that type of event. 

If, after conducting all of these checks, your lights are still not coming online, please reach out to Customer Support.

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.