Germination is the development of a plant from a seed or spore. 


How to pick a seed

  • Choose seeds that are dark brown with no visible damage. 

  • On average you can anticipate about 75% of your dark brown seeds will germinate.

  • Order seeds from a reputable breeder can increase this rate to 90%.
  • Generally, pale seeds or seeds that are white or damaged will likely not germinate.
  • To show the difference between the seeds you have on hand line up your seeds on a clean table to pick the best one. 
  • A seed that's been damaged will likely not germinate, as it may be missing vital parts that facilitate the seedling's success.

Photo of bad and good seeds

Photo of good seeds

This diagram shows the different parts of a seed.

Timeline for Seed Germination

  • 36 to 96 hours - Water is absorbed, root tip pops through outer shell and is visible.
  • 10 to 14 days - First roots and root hairs become visible.
  • 14+ days - Seeds not rooted by day 14 will probably grow slowly if they germinate at all.

Once a seed has roots, its cell growth accelerates. Seedlings develop into full vegetative growth within 4 to 6 weeks of germination.

Planting Your Seed

Planting your seed directly into a coco pod or peat pod will deter the shock of transferring a young already-sprouted seedling. The seed starts in its final resting place, allowing your seedling to immediately start adjusting to its environment. For the best start, we recommend checking out the Grobo Start HERE. It's a compatible 'seed starter' system launched in late 2020. 

Three early vegetative cannabis plants in the Grobo Start

Ready to plant your seed?

  1. Do not touch the seed with your bare hands to deter pathogen transfer as much as possible. 
  2. Cover the seed with a small piece of the coco pod torn off the side.
  3. The lights in your Grobo will keep things warm in order for your seed to sprout. NO fan is on in Germination, as you don't want to have it dry out in this stage.
  4. If using a peat pod, poke holes into the bottom of the pod to help with root penetration

Importance of Moisture Timing

Seeds need oxygen from the air to germinate. Coco or peat pods that are too wet will cut off oxygen, unfortunately drowning the seed. Pods that are too dry won’t provide the moisture needed for proper germination. As soon as the seed germinates and roots develop, the coco pod must start drying out to prevent damping off. This is why the water level is lowered in Early Vegetation. You can push up the coco pod in Early Vegetation by 1.0 - 1.5 inches to help deter damping off further.

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