If your plant has shot up in height and is approaching the top of the unit, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce its height:

  1. When a plant is growing too tall, we often recommend growers push their coco pod into their Grobo's reservoir to help decrease its height. This will not harm your plant, as, in Flower, your plant's root system is strong enough to live in the reservoir. This can give 5 - 6 inches of space for your plant.
  2. Check out the article available HERE on super cropping. This high-stress training method can be done in Flower to help alleviate height issues. Use support racks/wiring to help restrain your stems to alleviate cola-to-LED light contact. No matter how you super crop, this process can also cause your plant to grow a whole bunch of new colas and leaves; which is great if you have a small number of colas. HERE is a video about this method.

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