Ready to transfer from your Grobo Start to your Grobo Solid or Premium? 


When do I transplant my plant to a Grobo?

  • You can transplant your plant into a Grobo anywhere between 2-6 weeks after Germination is complete. You decide!
  • We do not suggest keeping your plant in longer than 6-weeks 

How do I transplant my plant to a Grobo?

  • To transplant it in the Grobo App, go to Maintenance and then select "Transplant." Then, follow the Grobo App's instructions.
  • Important: You will need a peat pod adapter cover to be able to transplant a plant from a Start to a Grobo. You cannot transplant it with the old reservoir cover. Simply lift it from the Start and install it in the compatible lid to get your grow going.
  • See below photo of the peat pod cover adaptor set. Click HERE to check it out in our store. 

What do I do after I've transferred my plant?

  • If there are plants still growing in the Start, make sure to put a Seed Cap in the empty spot so no light penetrates the reservoir. This is because light can harm any roots growing. 
  • Make sure your plant is still in vegetative growth and has some time to adjust to its new environment. To look at this go to Grobo App > Maintenance > Shift Schedule. You can see here the stage your plant is in and how much time is remaining. 

What do I do when every plant is transferred?

  • When there are no more plants in your Start, remove the reservoir insert from the Start, take it to a sink to pour out its contents, and clean it with some mild soap and a non-abrasive cloth. Rinse well to not leave any plant debris.

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.