Putting your plant into Transition kicks off bud development, so it's very important to proceed only when your plant has reached an adequate height to get the most out of your grow. 

At Grobo, we recommend proceeding into Transition when your plant's height reaches: 

  • Generation 1: Has touched just underneath or the top of the second fan of the grow chamber's wall (Figure 1). 
  • Each strain can differ in stretch once hitting transition. Keep this in mind when making the decision to extend late vegetation. 
  • Generation 2: The plant has reached a 12" height in the unit

Fig 1. Here is the height we recommend.

This recommendation is expanded on in the Grobo-made video available HERE on how to maximize your final yield (i.e. the quantity and size of your buds). Check out this article: How do I use the shift schedule function? 

Please be advised that this article is specific to photoperiod dependent strains, and NOT autoflowering strains.

Autoflowering strains are less reliable, so they may continue growing vertically even when in Transition. For more information on flowering type definitions, check out this article: What is the difference between photoperiod and autoflowering recipes?

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