Genetic diversity is the variation in the genetic composition among individuals of a population, a species, or a community. In growing, genetic diversity is the reason you see differences between strains and even seeds of the same strain (Figure 1). 

Fig 1. All three seedlings are the same strain, planted on the same day. Look at how different they are!

This is why if you're using seeds of the same strain, you may see one produce more buds than another, or one struggle more than another. Think of each seed as a unique experience that will likely have variation from your last grow as well as your next. Keeping a record of how your grow progresses in a journal is something we at Grobo love doing in order to track these differences. The grow journal feature in the Grobo App is a great place to put this information, as it also helps Grobo Support get a clear view of your grow's history.

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