The User Button is the button on the back left side of your Grobo.

Here is the User Button.

What can the User Button do? 

  1. See Inside: If you have a Grobo Premium, pressing the button once switches the fluid glass from opaque to transparent. This lets you peek at your plant.
  2. Unlocks Your Grobo: Hold the button on the back of your unit for 3 seconds. After this action, your LED light will turn dark blue and then your door will unlock. Then, photo mode will also be activated. 
  3. Activate Photo Mode (White Spectrums): Hold the button on the back of your unit for 3-4 seconds when the door is open to enable photo mode in your unit for 5 seconds.
  4. Reset Wi-Fi: Holding the button for 10 seconds will disconnect your Grobo from Wi-Fi. This is used when you’re moving your Grobo to another network, also known as putting it into "pairing mode.". This will change your user LED light to green. 

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