If your unit was damaged in shipping, please do the following:


1. Test to see if the unit is operational.

Need to confirm your unit can turn on and operate normally? Here's a checklist to follow:

  1. When you plug in your unit, does the User LED Light on the front turn on?
  2. After your unit has been plugged in, can you connect it to WiFi?
  3. After your unit has been plugged in, can you fill it with water?
  4. After you've applied a recipe, do the lights turn on inside the grow chamber? 

If all of the answers to the above questions are YES, then your unit is 100% operational. If any of the answers are NO, please tell Grobo Support immediately HERE, providing the items in bold below. 

2. Take photos of the damaged unit parts and packaging.

For any case of damage in shipping, you must provide the following photos so we can make a claim with our courier company. 

Here is what we need to make a claim:

  • The damage (i.e. dents, scratches, punctures, etc.)
  • The package the unit came in and any damage to it
  • The labels on the package
  • The entire unit
  • Any internal denting the external damage caused

3. Reach out to Grobo Support within 30 days of receiving the unit.

All damage done in shipping must be reported within the first 30 days of you receiving the unit for us to help resolve it. Therefore, please respond with the info required before that time is up.

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.