Yes, the Grobo Premium and Grobo Solid both rely on a consistent WiFi connection to work. The Grobo Start does not.

Grobo collects and analyses over 7,000 data points every day. 
We do this to ensure that your plant produces the greatest yields in the shortest amount of time. Most of the algorithms we use to do this run on our servers to analyze and improve your grow, requiring a WiFi connection to operate. 

This connection also allows Grobo to send you emails. This means we can send you notifications when you have to add water or care for your plant. 

If your internet goes down, your Grobo will try to reconnect to WiFi every few minutes. This is demonstrated by a fast-blinking blue light on the front of the Grobo. 

If you need to reconnect your unit to WiFi, check out this article:

Help! I need to reconnect my Grobo to Wi-Fi

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