Yes, you must use Grobo brand nutrients.

All of the recipes are matched to a specific nutrient schedule in the Grobo and the nutrients will dose according to the recipe. 

The nutrients must be in the correct order for the system to grow your plants properly. When your bottles are nearing empty, it's easy to order replacements in one of two ways:

1. Pro-Grow Kit

Everything you need to start growing like an expert! The advanced grow kit contains:

  • 1x - Set of 5 bottles to keep your plants fed
  • 1x - Carbon filter to clean the air
  • 1x - Coco pod for your seed to sit-in
  • 1x - Plant support kit for supporting and drying your plant
  • 1x - Microscope with phone attachment for close-ups of your plant
  • 1x - Set of high-quality shears for the occasional plant haircut

2. Grow Kit 

The Grobo Grow Kit includes everything you need to grow!


  • All 5 Nutrient Bottles
  • 1 Coco Pod
  • 1 Carbon Filter

Save approximately 15% compared to purchasing items individually. 

3. Individual Bottles

Running low on only one of two bottles? Easily order what you need through our online store.