The Start can be set up using the following instructions: 

  1. Refer to the Start's instructions to make sure you have all of its parts. Reach out to Customer Support if you're missing anything. 
  2. Don't install the light extension immediately. Once the plant has grown to be right beneath the light, then install it.
  3. To help your plant's roots get a firm hold, use a toothpick to pierce the peat pod's bottom several times before you add your seed.
  4. After you add your seed, tear a bit of the peat pod and put it on top to 'cap' your grow.
  5. Make sure the peat pod's wick is long enough to touch the water. The peat pod shouldn't touch the water directly.
  6. Use the instructions to activate Long-Day Mode (13 hours).

Still have questions? Please see HERE for how to contact us.