Stephen walks you through what the Grobo Nutrients are and what they do! 

(0:00) Hi growers, my name is Stephen and I’m the Horticulturalist here at Grobo. Today we’re going to talk about nutrients. We’re going to give you some tips on how to install nutrients and we’re going to talk about what each bottle actually does in the Grobo. Let’s get down to it.

(0:13) So here we are with the nutrients. Let’s take a little closer look at how I installed them. The first thing I’m going to do is take off the cap and I like to give myself a little room to play with. So I’ll pull these out and as I place the bottle in I’m going to thread the tube down inside and place the cap on at the end. It’s kind of a tricky process, let’s do it one more time so I can show you what I’ve done here. 

(0:42) The first thing I do is I unscrew the top and as I feed the top through the hole then I’ll slide in the bottom. Then I put the tube in, followed by the cap. And just push down on the top so it’s nice and level and you’re all set. 

(1:02) Let’s look at our nutrients a little closer. The first 2 bottles you’ll find are for adjusting our pH to keep it just perfect for the plant’s stage of life. The second two are the food, it’s really important to keep it well fed, but not overfed. The final bottle is our balance, we’re balancing our reverse osmosis or distilled water so it’s just perfect and optimizes growth. 

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